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Waterblocks for gtx 980.The most total liquid cooling compatibility record

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Waterblocks for gtx 980


EK Unveils Revolutionary Waterblocks For GeForce GTX 980.GTX Water Blocks | webpage 1 | type By: item Title A-Z –


Sep 19,  · EK Waterblocks would be the prominent manufacturer of water cooling products and today, they’ve been exposing their newest EK-FC GTX waterblock to cool off NVIDIA’s newest Maxwell based GeForce GTX Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes. 20 rows · Jul 24,  · List of suitable water blocks movie card: EVGA GeForce GTX Ti ACX + 6GB GDDR5. EK GeForce GTX Strix Backplate – Ebony (FC GTX Strix Backplate – Ebony) Brand: EK Water Blocks. EK-FC GTX Strix Backplate is a retention backplate manufactured from black anodized aluminum for EK-FC GTX Strix show liquid block. Backplate addresses the entire lenght of images cards PCB, serves as an aesthetic add-on and in addition provides passive cooling for the rear of current legislation .


Waterblocks for gtx 980.VID-NX Water Block (NVIDIA GeForce GTX movie Card)

EK-FC GTX Strix is a higher overall performance full-cover water block for ASUS design GeForce GTX Strix series images cards. Kindly check our Cooling Configurator online compatibility system for detailed compatibility number! This water block right cools the GPU, RAM along with VRM (voltage regulation module) as water flows directly over these crucial places hence permitting the photos card and 5/5(3). The Koolance VID-NX is the full coverage video block for liquid cooling NVIDIA guide GeForce GTX cards in solitary and multi video clip card configurations. It uses a high-performance microfin (mm) design made from solid copper with anti-corrosive nickel plating. Fitting threading is standard G . Sep 19,  · EK Waterblocks would be the renowned manufacturer of water cooling items and after this, these are typically exposing their latest EK-FC GTX waterblock to cool off NVIDIA’s newest Maxwell based GeForce GTX Estimated studying Time: 2 minutes.
VID-NX980 Water Block (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Movie Card)

Directory of suitable liquid obstructs

You must arrange passive cooling of RAMs and Mosfet chips. Block covers just GPU. Below are instance pictures and details that explain how CoolingConfigurator system is offering you the supported motherboard liquid obstructs.

In case the motherboard has actually only 1 location for a Mosfet water block, this is the reason the reason why the CoolingConfigurator system would not provide you with any item for Mosfet 2 place. The next picture reveals an installed FullBoard water block on a motherboard. When you yourself have opted for a motherboard that EK has a FullBoard answer for it, then CoolingConfigurator system will probably perhaps not give you split motherboard obstructs, such as NB, SB and Mosfet liquid obstructs.

In the event that CoolingConfigurator system provides you with a MB NB water block with the remark: “Block is put on present heatpipe above NB” implies you ought not pull existing soothing answer on motherboard.

You need to only eliminate unscrew the removable heatsink right above the Northbridge and change it with recommended water block. Listed here are instance pictures and details that explain how the CoolingConfigurator system offers you the supported VGA water blocks. When you have chosen the FullCover water cooling answer for your graphics card, you do not need any extra liquid blocks or temperature sinks for any supported visuals card.

If there is a FullCover solution available for the selected visuals card, EK suggests that you apply it. Just because of this will guarantee enough cooling. Incompatible EK products that are known to be incompatible aren’t shown. Artistic EK have aesthetically inspected the hardware and checked for compatibility with specific EK product typically with internet photos and CAD programm.

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