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Tuniq’s tx-4.Tuniq TX-4 Thermal Compound Review

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Tuniq’s tx-4


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The new TX-4 from Tuniq is a breakthrough in thermal element conductivity. TX-4 provides all of the advantages of our own business leading TX-3 thermal chemical and gets better upon it! Tuniq TX-4 Extreme Efficiency and Exceptional Reliability Thermal Compound. Winner of several top review thermal grease gather on different reliable review websites!/5(). The TX-4 Thermal compound can be like many ingredient syringe searching pipes that you’ll see. The Tuniq TIM Spreader, which almost resembles a small little bit of versatile arborite counter top material, emerged in excessively helpful for dispersing the chemical perfectly also.


Tuniq’s tx-4.Tuniq Turniq TX-4 Powerful Thermal Substance – Micro Center

Dec 21,  · The brand new TX-4 from Tuniq is a breakthrough in thermal mixture conductivity. TX-4 offers most of the advantages of your very own industry leading TX-3 thermal compound and improves upon it! Through the thinnest feasible application to the greatest thermal conductivity, TX-4 may be the perfect medium betwixt your heat producer along with your temperature sink.5/5(15). The new TX-4 from Tuniq is a breakthrough in thermal chemical conductivity. TX-4 offers all the advantages of your own business leading TX-3 thermal ingredient and improves upon it! The TX-4 Thermal chemical is just like many element syringe looking tubes that you will see. The Tuniq TIM Spreader, which almost resembles a little little bit of flexible arborite counter top material, came in incredibly ideal for spreading the substance perfectly even.

Tuniq TX-4 Thermal Compound Review – Overclockers HQ

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We’ve substantially more on the site showing you. You have just seen one web page. Have a look at this post which can be just about the most well-known of all time. Alright once more I have an opportunity to do some examination on a brand-new thermal element, and I have always been excited about it. Right now nearly all of you may think that becoming pleased about working together with and testing a brand-new thermal ingredient might not be extremely fun but in the last 12 months Tuniq has made three brand new generations of these TX thermal element line along with each new generation ended up being a drastic modification effectiveness.

Now i’m not sure if they have actuall wizards brewing this material up in a huge cauldron in a few dark back place of the labs but believe me this is the best thermal substance We have seen undoubtedly. Product Given By: Tuniq. The sample product that I got came in an envelope and inside had been the Tuniq TX-4 thermal chemical together with Tuniq TIM Spreader which where both covered with bubble place.

The TX-4 Thermal compound can be like many ingredient syringe searching pipes you will see. The Tuniq TIM Spreader , which nearly resembles a small little bit of flexible arborite counter material, came in exceptionally ideal for dispersing the ingredient perfectly even.

The Tuniq TX-3 arrived in at an amazing 83,, which would clarify the reason why I had such an arduous time working together with that older formula, but luckily the Tuniq TX-4 comes in with only a score of 66, centipoises.

Much better performance than TX-3 thermal grease. Painless apply than TX-3 thermal oil. RoHS compliant. Low bleed under ruthless. Perhaps not electrically conductive. Tall stability and dependability. Testing Setup:. I am going to also be doing this for the stock clock of 3.

Tuniq TX Well that was un expected. We knew that the TX-4 mixture would definitely do better than the TX-3 but i never would have guessed so it would have already been such a drastic difference. Today some of you could be like me and start to become looking at the numbers and saying that there’s absolutely no way that those might be precise, trust me they’re we went these examinations 3 x changing out the thermal substance between each round of evaluating while the figures constantly arrived within a few degrees big difference.

Like I stated at the beginning of this review, this is actually the best thermal mixture i have had the honor of evaluation and from now on hopefully you can see the reason why. Also as some people could have observed with this specific mixture I happened to be able to push my system just a little harder than I really could in past tests and I squeezed it to 4. which means this is where I try and offer you in the idea of why should you understand this certain thermal element.

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Skip to content. Before you go, take a look out! Painless apply than TX-3 thermal grease 6. Ex: Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer. If could offer this a brilliant platinum ninja monkey honor i might but this is actually the closest we have actually….. Continue Reading.

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