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Sony ericsson z310 a.Sony Ericsson K310

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Sony ericsson z310 a


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Nov 24,  · Sony Ericsson K phone. Announced Feb Features ″ screen, 15 MB storage space. The Sony-Ericsson Za weighs ounces and steps x x 1 ins. Its lithium-ion battery pack is rated at as much as 7 hours of digital speak time, or over to hours of digital standby time. It works on the GSM/GPRS // frequencies. The phone includes a single year limited guarantee.3/5(9). The Sony Ericsson Za is a well built and trendy handset, even though it does not have high-end features and offers an Internet experience this is certainly disappointing, at the best. The speakerphone and band amount can use a boost, as could the vibrate feature. I nevertheless give this handset a ‘Recommended’ rating, as ther – Ricky Cadden, MobileBurn/10(75).


Sony ericsson z310 a.Sony Ericsson products on the market | e-bay

Jan 20,  · this is the sony ericsson za, i got it on 1/7/08 and i think it is a great phone! View and Download Sony Ericsson Za user handbook on the web. Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Data Specification. Za cellular phone pdf handbook install. Oct 11,  · the nice The Sony Ericsson Z mobile phone has a great feature set with Bluetooth, a speakerphone, and an Infrared slot. Photo high quality was also great. The Bad The Sony Ericsson Za seems notably /5.
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Table Of Contents. Dining table of Contents. This is basically the Net form of an individual’s guide. Previous Page. Next Page. Sony Ericsson Za User Guide 88 pages. Sony Ericsson Za User Manual 86 pages. Webpage 3 Under no circumstances will Sony Ericsson be liable at all for the improper utilization of additional content or other third party content. Webpage 5 2 Export Regulations: Software, including technical information, is susceptible to U.

Export Administration Act and its associated laws, and could be susceptible to export or transfer laws in other countries. Client agrees to comply strictly with all such regulations and acknowledges it has the obligation to acquire permits to export, re-export, or import Software. Push the navigation key center. Push the navigation secret up. Hit the navigation secret down. Press the navigation key to the left. Page 8 Camera lens The symbol display lights up as soon as the phone is in hushed mode and reveals details about new events and battery charging.

The additional show reveals information such time. Push a volume option to trigger the external show. Options change when SIM contacts tend to be set to default. The SIM card monitors your phone number, the services included in your subscription, along with your connections information, on top of other things. Webpage 12 Only usage Sony Ericsson – approved battery packs. This will be so you’re able to make emergency telephone calls without entering a PIN. No personal data will soon be transferred to or processed by Sony Ericsson.

Contact your network operator or company for more information. Power down selection make use of the shut straight down menu to make off the phone, change silent mode on or trigger a profile. Webpage 15 to look at information on functions Scroll to a function Navigating the menus The main menus are shown as icons. Some submenus include tabs. Pick a shortcut you need to modify Scroll to and select a function task menu Use the task menu to see and handle brand-new activities, and access bookmarks and shortcuts.

To start the experience selection Press and use Activity menu tabs Page 19 in the event the word shown isn’t the only you want, hit repeatedly to look at alternative terms. To just accept a word and add a place, press without adding an area, press Continue writing your message. To enter a punctuation level, hit and include a space by pushing to incorporate terms into the T9 Text Input dictionary While entering letters webpage Emergency Calls Emergency phone calls Your phone aids international emergency figures, for example, and These figures can generally be used to make an emergency contact any nation, with or without a SIM card placed, if a GSM system is within range.

Webpage 23 To add an image, light effect or a ringtone to a phone contact From standby select a contact. Page 24 To phone a phone contact From standby select or enter the very first letters regarding the contact to phone. Speed dialing Save numbers in opportunities to gain access to them quickly. Forwarding Calls Ahead calls, for example, to an answering service. When the Restrict calls purpose is triggered, some Forward telephone calls choices aren’t offered. To activate a call ahead From standby select Calls.

Go into the number to phone Call. Page Tone Signals Tone indicators utilize phone banking services or get a handle on an answering device by delivering tone indicators during a call. Page Messaging Messaging Your phone supports various messaging solutions. Contact your service provider concerning the services you should use, or for more information see www. Webpage 32 Select Enter Mobile No. Connections Lookup Contacts. You may want to pick from the final used recipients list.

Webpage 33 to save lots of an item in a text While reading a note, select the item to save lots of More. Picture Messaging MMS Picture communications can contain text, photographs, digital camera pictures, sound recordings and signatures. Automatic download choose just how to install your picture messages. Contacts Lookup Contacts, or choose from the last made use of recipients number.

Obtaining Voice communications When you obtain an automatically downloaded vocals message, it appears when you look at the activity selection. New Events is scheduled to Pop-up, you may be expected if you want to pay attention to the voice message. To include more recipients, if you have selected recipients Write the subject To add an attachment, For IMAP4 users communications which are marked for deletion. Page Imaging Imaging Camera Your phone features a digital camera to take pictures to save or send. Make use of an image as a screen saver, wallpaper or even to increase a contact.

To start out the camera and simply take a picture Press or from standby select begin the digital camera. Page 40 to regulate brightness make use of the volume buttons to boost or decrease brightness. Invest the a picture of a powerful source of light such as for instance direct sunlight or a lamp during the history, the display may black-out or the picture might be altered. The telephone produces your blog for you. To blog an image simply take a photograph Follow the directions for first-time usage. Include title and text You certainly will receive a text message along with your website and log-in information.

Webpage 42 Exchanging pictures Exchange photos with friends utilizing one of the offered transfer techniques. You may not be allowed to exchange copyright-protected material. To deliver a picture From standby select Select a picture strategy. To learn more, contact your company or see www. Ringtones, Sounds and Alerts Your phone comes with tunes which can be used as ringtones.

To compose a melody From standby choose Select Insert, to delete a block. In certain nations or says its required for legal reasons you inform your partner before recording the decision. To begin a sound recording From standby select noise. Page 46 To send a style From standby select select a layout Select a transfer strategy. To get and conserve a style When you get the theme, adhere to the instructions that look.

Unrecognized formats are saved in Other. Alternating themes Your phone automatically switches themes between night and day. Webpage 47 Light impacts Light effects notify you of an incoming call or an innovative new message by illuminating the keypad and external rim associated with the phone. You can also add light effects to connections.

Particular light effects can’t be switched off such as those the thing is that once you open and close the the phone, or when you add or remove an accessory. Page Connectivity Connectivity Settings You require the proper settings within your phone to make use of cyberspace, Messaging, options are in your phone if you purchase it. If not, contact your network operator, service provider or visit www. Webpage 49 The selection offers the after options but hinges on the Web web page you might be going to.

Page Rss Reader When you choose an email address whenever browsing an internet web page, you can send a message to this address. Internet security When using an Internet profile you can switch on security settings within the phone. Trustworthy certificates Certain Internet services, such as for example banking, need certificates in your phone. You may also download the starting out guide for synchronization.

The software includes assistance information. Remote synchronization via Net Synchronize on the web via an Internet service. Page Infrared Port Infrared Port The infrared interface in your phone could be used to trade information with another unit built with infrared. In order to connect two devices Turn on infra-red in both products. Download and run the PC Suite from www. Switch on your phone. Connect the USB cable for your phone and computer system. Publish the Sony Ericsson PC Suite and use applications it has to move files, synchronize and more.

Webpage Enhance Service Browse www. Select a region and country. Enter the item name. Choose Sony Ericsson upgrade provider and adhere to the instructions. Page 58 Profiles Your phone has actually predefined pages which can be set to accommodate a certain environment. It’s possible to reset mostly profile settings into the means they certainly were set whenever you purchased your phone.

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