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Sims 4 sims getting fat.Can’t keep my Sims from getting fat :(

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Sims 4 sims getting fat


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Nov 15,  · Re: My sims tend to be fat! My super skinny sim packed on the weight, slowly at first, then again she got quite huge as she was emphasizing her career and has also been a fantastic cook, so she’d be making bad, creamy pasta dishes etc. Her spouse ended up being very buff, but he too was targeting his career and he only got a pot belly. About Press Copyright call us Creators Advertise Developers Terms online privacy policy & protection exactly how YouTube works Test new functions Press Copyright Contact us Creators. A bit straight back, lots of my Sims (Grim Reaper included) began getting fat. I believe this is around the time i acquired City life, and will experienced to do with Sims .


Sims 4 sims getting fat.My sims are fat!

Body weight gain when you look at the Sims 4. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms online privacy policy & security just how YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. When it comes to Sims 4 in the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic entitled “Can’t keep my Sims from getting fat:(“.
Why did my Sim get fat?
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Solved: Unplayed sims & townies have really fat – response HQ

The Sims Forums. Categories Discussions Activity Best Of Sul sul Simmers! To read through the might eighteenth Inside Maxis Recap, click the link. May 21 – it’s the perfect time for our Friday features! You should check all of them out here! Might 18 – the Courtyard Oasis system is here! Following Go. Humor Posts: 18 Participant. September during the Sims 4 General Discussion. Just away from interest here. After getting tired of my one household, I began a fresh one, when I came across the last Sim I’d developed, she was fat, and continually got fat the more, and much more we observed her, while her boyfriend who was simply living along with her remained the exact same.

Right now, i might get my Sims altering had I the auto-age sims options on, but I switched them all down so my Sims “won’t” transform duration. Does consuming too-much affect your Sim s? I don’t recall her consuming anything more, at least perhaps not when she emerged up to my brand-new family which is the deleted museum, that features tons of Barque’s simply outside. Anyways, only a curiosity. It absolutely was quite funny seeing her get fatter every time I seen her however.

Mmmyrs2 Posts: 1, Associate. September Yes, consuming excessively gets all of them fat, or eating while complete. SuRihtanil Posts: 1, Associate. Some sims tend to be fat and some thin sims get fat. It does the job kinda like real life. Stormkeep Posts: 5, Associate. September edited September Your sims have fat if they consume a lot of large carbohydrate food and hardly ever run or hit the fitness center. It appears specifically real in the event that Sim has got the “foody” characteristic. Exercise and diet are essential for your Sims right now.

I’ve observed the sims that we don’t manage who will be “foodies” get fat as time passes too. This post will be edited by StormKeep at some time.

The Winters family Chronicle. Additionally Sims who’ve children will keep a number of the maternity fat each and every time, it appears. An individual and all related content is deleted. Don’t consume too much. Plus If your sim is extremely in form, you need to go jogging or go to gym and lift some weights to keep that. JayFirefly Posts: user. One child made my sim noticeably chubbier. Blondie Posts: 97 Member.

Same with kiddies. My sims boy is tiny and thin, along with her girl is only a little thick.. I today make her do sit-ups everyday, we are going to see lol. I’d a glutton sim, when she had been pregnat she would eat cake despite the fact that she could have had salad that has been into the icebox.

Whenever she got the baby se proceeded eating even though she ended up being complete and she gaind much weight :O. Puffy Posts: Member. I trust Humor that the his problem is he switch to another household. The thing is all of the beauty sims come to be muscle and fat Actually, i seen i lot of them do gymnasium and now we satisfy in that location. However the muscle and fat are simply therefore horrible. I think this isn’t typical CoriChan Posts: Member.

My sim self had been a foodie I didn’t know that will make her get chubby from eating normal foods despite the fact that she never over ate Welp, I made her drink a slim potion Dariu blogs: 3, Member.

Corichan : Indeed I study in other bond that drink a slim potion will permantely hold your sims lean I make the pts so difficult plus don’t desire to waste in a potion only for some time. CoriChan composed: ». Lightests Articles: Member. Sc3niX Blogs: 2, Member. Only a question.. How do i get my children thinner? Sc3niX penned: ». Crackseed Blogs: 5, Associate. Only makes my life much easier even though i love the purpose behind the device. It is simply also wonky atm in my situation to savor. Really a number of the potions are pretty cheap, thank heavens.

And yeah, we made my sim like myself and I do not get chubby just from eating eggs for breakfast I attempted to help make her jog given that it’s types of an inconvenience aiming to go directly to the gym every single day after sim work, but jogging didn’t do anything. The muscle tissue thing is crazy though, don’t do anything that makes use of muscles for a while; do not dig stones or do any strength workout in addition they is going back again to typical. Gt Posts: 29 User. I think its a bug which they have fat and muscled so fast.

My Sim guy specialagent is fairly untrained. Education level 3 just and seems like a bodybuilder allready. Thats why we place him in a ugly match and gave him some glasses. Dariu penned: ». My sim ended up being the hulk for some time, but after she had her first child she went back to her normal figure. She needed to workout each day on her task until about level 7? She does lots of fishing right now along with her spouse is bulking up from collecting and using the punching bag.

Their center baby aged up to a chubby son or daughter, and I also don’t see her shedding pounds also though she likes to do pushups and situps on her behalf very own. The kids tend to be both thin. The youngest is obviously quite slim. And do not require eat much unless I forget to utilize the delighted cheat. I quickly’ll capture someone in the home having blackened seafood or a plate of cake. Bring me personally a neighbor!

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