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Lumia 950 xl electric battery life.MODERATORS

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Lumia 950 xl battery life


Microsoft products.Lumia XL power lifetime seems short – Microsoft Community


Dec 20,  · Microsoft Lumia and Lumia XL battery pack life we cant even invest just about every day with my phones cos of the poor battery pack life. However now is way better cos i forgot it . Apr 28,  · Both the Lumia and Lumia XL have big electric batteries: mAh for the 9mAh for the XL. That gives you up to Reviews: 6. Dec 01,  · The Lumia and Lumia XL are powerful Windows 10 mobile phones with a great camera and superb overall performance under the bonnet. Check out battery preserving tips for your brand-new device so you’re able to.


Lumia 950 xl electric battery life.Microsoft Lumia and Lumia XL battery life – opinions

The trick to long electric battery life on your Lumia XL could be to slice the Edge. Battery life is an actual issue on Windows 10 mobile phone in general and on Microsoft’s brand-new flagships in certain. If you decide to examine which applications are many responsible for your lost battery capability nonetheless (under Settings > System > Battery Saver > Battery Use) you will probably find the Edge internet browser in addition to the ted Reading Time: 1 min. Dec 01,  · The Lumia and Lumia XL tend to be effective Windows 10 mobile phones with an incredible camera and superb overall performance under the bonnet. Check out battery saving tips for the brand new product to help you. Dec 13,  · Lumia XL Battery lifetime appears brief Is anybody experiencing brief electric battery life with all the brand-new Microsoft Lumia XL. Mine was fully charged at 6am today but I’d to make it off to protect battery pack for calls later on this evening when it had dropped to 28% by 11am.
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Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL battery pack life
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The trick to long battery pack life on your own Lumia XL are to cut the Edge – MSPoweruser

Alanby, 20 Dec So It sure Mine had been shutting down often, often rebooting, then maybe not billing – get a display shot of an electric battery with an X through it – finally recognized electric battery has connection issues. Tried cleaning connections with a rather high priced product De-ox , same outcomes. I stuffed just a little cardboard on one part, then your various other, don’t do much- maybe more serious also.

I quickly tried cardboard amongst the battery as well as the back instance now this has been working fantastic for months today, except the battery now continues only every day per charge- I had been getting up to 2 days previously.

Thinking of getting a brand-new battery since i purchased the phone utilized and figure its most likely got 24 months upon it now. Hope this can help some people individuals available to you. I’m quite a few years Lumia lover, 4th one, 4th generation. Sure desire we had just gotten another Lumia , it absolutely was the very best. The only real perk in comparison could be the XL camera is truly pretty awesome.

I regret buying this s t phone, i usually had Lumia phones but I believe the mobile phones where most readily useful when they had been made by Nokia. My phone is only three months old plus the electric battery is some crap.

My XL Dual worked virtually 2 years exellent until the problem started. Lumia xl is a big firearm, however the battery pack could be renewed. One other devices with exact same speks android Sony, Samsung etc the battery pack is fixed to the board and should not be changed. Sorry to say. However these XL- electric batteries are trouble to acquire. Is yhe battery removable. It is extremely frustrating after a-year of using it. Not a good device! Totally regretted purchasing it.

AnonD, 19 Mar Same occurred with me. Power got defective in 7month. The mobile began getting restart ti i purchased a Lumia xl since January , its battery pack drains too fast.

I’ve sent it to care center 4 times, therefore the answer is “no fault discovered”. Its first-time that I have problem with lumia product. I do believe it’s the worst Microsoft Lumia unit previously. And I cannot understand why they don’t really mend the problem if the unit and battery is on guarantee.

Rohit Patel, 04 Mar Dont buy Microasoft phone or any microsoft hardware item. My lumia xl turn fully off freque The mobile started getting restart times just about every day for no reason. I acquired it changed under warranty however it took practically 2 months getting a brand-new electric battery. Right now this battery have begun providing exact same problem in just 2 month. Today guarantee features expired plus they are asking Rs for brand new battery. Do not advised any microsoft phone to purchase.

Microsoft only took money kindly people dont make the same blunder again its the worst phone i ever had. Dont get Microasoft phone or any microsoft equipment product. My lumia xl turn fully off usually with no explanation. It starts just if i connect a charger.

I buy a new electric battery also but issue just isn’t solved. My dilemmas are during a warranty duration but No help from microsoft. I cant even spend per day with my mobile phones cos of its poor battery life. The good news is is better cos i forgot it on the dashboard in my vehicle nearly every day nd the sun burn it till turn fully off instantly cos of overheating, Since from that day after cooling down i have pointed out that it drain battery extremely slow nd you can forget overheating unless if i web browser or chat in whatsapp.

So this coming weekend I want to position xl to sunlight nd always check if i’m able to solve its battery pack issue too. Steve N Leanne, 23 Jan we bought 2 x lumia approx 2 months ago It had battery drain issues from the first day and also the s I’d completely exactly the same problems in the first-day, I known as the company just who delivered me the device. These days I really couldn’t remove from charger, and often its freezing and providing a so annoying sound we wanna dispose of the device, its sounds like what exactly is gonna be explode.

This phone the biggest shit phone ever before within my life. Article your comment. Sort by: Newest initially Oldest very first Best rating.

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