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Force unleashed 2 holocrons.Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 holocron guide

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Power unleashed 2 holocrons


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Oct 27,  · Our Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Holocrons places Guide will reveal how to locate every one of the 45 Holocrons concealed or otherwise not throughout the action-adventure game on Xbox , PS3, PC and Wii. Find Holocrons hidden in the world to unlock saber crystals, secure bonus Force Points, while increasing your quality of life and power s: Sep 05,  · Force Unleashed 2 Wiki Guide. Aboard Salvation Holocrons. Top Contributors: Andreweisen, Green Holocron. There’s a section in which you need certainly to utilize a fuse on a door to continue. In this kind of. Nov 04,  · The holocron is on a platform extending through the middle of the half-circle catwalk. Green Bacta Tank (Health) 04) power Field Room when you drop the fields by tossing items into the panels, carry on and the second space. The holocron is sitting within the table, it is extremely visible.


Force unleashed 2 holocrons.Aboard Salvation Holocrons – Force Unleashed 2 Wiki Guide – IGN

Oct 27,  · Our Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Holocrons Locations Guide will reveal finding most of the 45 Holocrons hidden or not throughout the action-adventure game on Xbox , PS3, Computer and Wii. Get a hold of Holocrons concealed on the planet to unlock saber crystals, earn bonus Force Points, and increase your wellbeing and Force s: Feb 06,  · Holocron # 1 Saber amazingly: close to the start. Its an unmissable holocron. It should be right above where you need certainly to energy hold the platform getting over the space. Holocron # 2 Saber amazingly: soon after Holocron no. 1. Its another unmissable holocron, meaning it . Sep 05,  · Force Unleashed 2 Wiki Guide. Aboard Salvation Holocrons. Top Contributors: Andreweisen, Green Holocron. There’s a section where you have to use a fuse on a door to continue. In this specific.
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Amount 1 – Kamino: The Escape (6 Holocrons)
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Level 2 – Cato Neimoidaia: The Eastern Arch (8 Holocrons)
Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 Holocrons Locations Guide (Xbox , PS3, PC, Wii)

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Xbox version of the video game. Any version distinctions is taken into account upon advancement, but aren’t initially my obligation. Very first, this guide handles those colored cubes you will find all scattered about, and absolutely nothing much more. We extremely declare that you beat the game before trying to collect most of these, when I prefer to discuss some of the story elements, for conversational reasons. That, and I also look for it deducts from the story when you waste power finding these regarding the first playthrough.

If you have trouble finding a number of the holocrons, I quickly recommend either you cross-reference with another guide or change to another guide entirely. There aren’t any holocrons on either manager amount. This frequently makes use of landmarks or earlier holocron areas as reference things, therefore be prepared for that.

Irrespective. You will find sufficient rewards for the gathering of holocrons. Probably the biggest explanation is the lovely accomplishment you will get so you can get them all. But if that doesn’t take action for you, then you’ll definitely be thrilled to understand that there’s a lot of more incentives is supplied.

It is quite difficult to miss. Saber Crystal: Chaos 02 Flame Hallway Continue till you enter a hallway with flams shooting through the flooring. Dash past these, and you ought to look at holocron right in front of you. This might be another tough to miss holocron. Once you head outside, eliminate every little thing, and head around the circular catwalk.

The holocron is on a platform expanding from the middle of the half-circle catwalk. The holocron is sitting over the table, it is extremely visible. Knowledge 05 Third Catwalks it is again quite difficult to miss. Continue the level until such time you get to the location in which you make use of grip to raise the working platform. Maintain from here towards the gap, and you should begin to see the holocron floating above said space. When you kill the shield droid, head through the home and turn left, should really be there.

The holocron is behind some crates. Saber amazingly: Protection 02 First Tram region keep unless you reach the point where you must boost some systems to go on. When you do, the holocron is from the end of this catwalk you are likely to go to in order to continue the level. There is actually a little cutscene showing its location. Knowledge 03 Catwalks Continue onward before you force push the right path through a door. Create your means through this building, and when you push your way external again, the holocron is on your own remaining next to the entranceway.

The holocron is beneath the spherical decoration in the middle. Use force grip to maneuver it. Look out the entranceway. Notice it all the way down here? Yeah, the bridge is going to inflate as you run accross it, then when that takes place, you must jump and select it up while you go. Blue Bacta Tank Force Energy 06 First Casino Room in the 1st room following the connection sequence, the holocron are obtainable joyfully languishing on the bridge in front of you.

You ought to be able to see it while you go in. The holocron is sitting on the connection, in very equivalent style that 06 was. Experience 08 Jabba Hologram Room resume before you get to a room with a hologram of jabba the hutt and three slot machines in front of it. Kill those slot machine games, plus the holocron will pop on. Theres actually a statue of Guybrush pointing in the hologram. In between the 2 small structures may be the holocron.

You start the amount not 10 feet away from this 1. Experience 02 Force Field Catwalk manage and soon you achieve the catwalk using the force fields on it. Destroy the fields, and carry on and where there is a stack of 3 crates. The holocron is in the atmosphere just a little last this, you should have seen it from only a little straight back regarding the catwalk. Put one of them crate things underneath it and jump-jump to have it. Saber Crystal: Chaos 03 Paratrooper Room After you eliminate the 2 shield droids, carry on in to the next area.

Once in, the holocron is just a little left, in the heart of the space. Another way to understand this is actually the proper area is to observe that this is the space where in fact the paratroopers will capture at you from via the windows.

The holocron is in the middle of this bride appropriate involving the 2nd and third barricades. I recall this being someplace else the first time? Is it a glitch? Green Bacta Tank wellness 05 Bone Room Continue unless you defeat the gunship, and achieve a space with a big skeleton on it. When here, take the elevator up far enough to jump on the skeleton, but don’t take it any farther, as a cutscene will occur. As soon as on the skeleton, jump-jump-dash to your system off to the right and claim the holocron.

You can also do a dashing blast jump-jump-dash-b right from the elevator to arrive at it. Knowledge 06 Bone area From the place associated with final holocron, if you’re skilled, it is possible to jump down and dash in to the section of this 1. Its to your remaining of the last one if you glance at the skeleton, and very a ways reduced. If you should be maybe not skilled, you then must be able to hop on the skeleton then down and into the location. This may really be harder as compared to first strategy though. Not difficult. Its the simplest one I do believe.

Experience 02 Forward Cliff Through the top of the ship, stroll down the front, and jump on the cliff. The holocron is to your right once you are on the cliff. Raise it up and the holocron are going to be appropriate under it. In the event that you got on the ship another way, the rock in question is right behind also to the right associated with ship. Appropriate past the hut. Green Bacta Tank wellness 05 Path You could possibly need try to miss out on that one to be able to maybe not get it. It is appropriate in the middle of the road as you carry on.

Saber amazingly: Focus 06 Path simply forward through the last one, also in the middle of the trail. Saber Crystal: Regeneration 02 Tube place Continue at night cutscene with Juno, and through the room and hall utilizing the teleport enemies.

In next space, where there clearly was a fuse sitting next to a door, don’t place the fuse for the reason that door. Instead, go and drop the other hallway, and employ it with this home. The holocron is within the center tube in this room. Green Bacta Tank Health 03 Giant Chasm when you are getting to the component where a quick scene reveals all of the great toasty holes which have been created through the ship, stop.

Just underneath your platform is a metal grating using the holocron onto it. Drop down and get it, then jump straight back quickly, as the grating will fall. As soon as indeed there, the holocron is between two associated with the spinny electric thigies into the left. Wait for them to pause, then collect the holocron. Enjoy 05 Battle Room Continue to the room utilizing the huge droid in addition to flames that periodically capture up through the flooring.

Right now get onto one of the catwalks making the right path toward the side nearer the giant spinny thing. Then jump-jump-dash your way towards the holocron, which is on top of a pipe next to the spinny thing. Experience 06 Melted Tunnel when you beat the huge spider thing, carry on to the melted hole it made.

Once you exit the tunnel, the holocron is in the place with this space. Once they do, head up there while the holocron may be during the pod they arrived in on. The pod is within the quick hall behind the snipers. Experience 02 Engine Room part 2 resume at night spinny part of the engine room, and after dark spinny elecric part of this next section.

Now destroy the purple engine cores to your right, additionally the holocron are going to be behind them. When you drop down the second shaft, you have gone too far.

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