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Dwarf fortress image legend.DF2014:Status icon

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Dwarf fortress image legend


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Exploring Dwarf Fortress’ Legends Mode. Dwarf Fortress is a trend in the wide world of procedural generation, creating worlds, simulating rivers, aquifers, vacation, tree growth. It’s too recognized for the awesome complexity of its generation and simulation since. The awesome complexity of the simulation, its pests, some of which (like “Now that pets no longer wield weapons”, a bug we sadly never reached . Sep 30,  · Lazy Newb Tilesets – Symbol/Legend list web page? «on: September 26, , am» Hello I only started playing DFort even though all the images tend to be self-explanatory, you can find are some that are confusing. If you are looking for icons for dwarves, see reputation symbol.; If you are looking for icons on the pre-start embark map, see Map legend; If you are searching for different icons to alter just how your online game is provided, see Tilesets, Tileset repository or Graphics put repository; If you are looking for the ascii characters being used with the vanilla dwarf fortress game chart, see Character table.


Dwarf fortress symbol legend.DFStatus icon – Dwarf Fortress Wiki

Regrettably i can not get a hold of numerous signs which I see from the map neither during the book nor regarding the wiki (). Especially talking: Æ is not explained anywhere; — The icon that consists of three horizontal lines; — The symbol that have white background and black dot inside. So, what do all those silly symbols even suggest? 00 Used for history tiles when you look at the intro CMV and history tiles of interface screens 01 ☺# Civilian dwarves 02 ☻# Military dwarves 03 ♥ Dimple cups* 04 ♦ Cut gems, large gems 05 ♣ Fungiwood trees*, Spore trees*, Acacia trees*, Mangrove trees*, Maple trees*, quarry bushes*, Alder trees*, Birch trees* 06 ♠ Plump helmets*, Tower-caps. ↓ Hungry: The dwarf requires food badly, or a grazing animal needs to eat grass. ↓ Thirsty: The dwarf requires sufficient water or alcohol. ↓ Drowsy: The dwarf desires sleep. ↓ Stressed: The dwarf is feeling the consequences of tension. Not a good sign for a fortress, as it can trigger mental breakdowns (step-by-step on the Stress page) and eventual insanity if.
DF2014:Map legend
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Lazy Newb Tilesets – Symbol/Legend list web page?

DFMap legend – Dwarf Fortress Wiki

Dwarf Fortress makes use of tilesets to attract the overall game, including maps. This chart legend describes just what the characters and colors represent during the pre-start embark chart. The colors of a map tile may give information about this region’s predominant biome and surroundings ; its temperature, alignment, as well as other handy things.

Generally speaking, cyan and blue means the location is “good” aligned. Purple, grey, brown, and purple places have actually “evil” alignment. Light gray, brown, and yellow areas are dry and also have simple vegetation. Green tiles have actually vegetation and are usually often moist. White and cyan tiles suggest snow or ice. Along with of trees that modification season to period can inform about a tree’s existing growth.

Tiles are listed by positioning, with typical tiles first, then good-aligned tiles, after which bad tiles. Snow and ice-covered tiles are included next to their particular alignments. In normal forests , the colour modifications aided by the months. In normal sand deserts , the colour is based on the sort of sand. Forests and swamps use the chart tiles regarding the woods they have.

The tiles below are utilized to specify common forests, just because no woods which use that tile exist for the reason that woodland. If the game uses the generic tiles or the tile for the actual tree they have is randomized on a tile-by-tile foundation.

Website tiles are organized by articles, from left-to-right: normal inhabited sites, destroyed sites, and web sites grabbed by necromancers or their night creature armies. For cities, the tiles suggest a town’s existing populace increases from left to right. Hamlet tiles represent the location the hamlet is in mountains, flatlands, rivers, etc. From Dwarf Fortress Wiki. More Information. Category : DFWorld. Namespaces DF Discussion. Views Study Edit See record.

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