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Alcatel one touch 838.Device Data

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Alcatel one touch 838


Welcome to Alcatel Item Support.Product Support – Alcatel


Cell Phone Alcatel One Touch Tribe Consumer Handbook. Alcatel cellular phone user manual (49 pages) mobile phone Alcatel One Touch consumer guide. Alcatel mobile user manual (40 pages) Summary of Contents for Alcatel ONE TOUCH. Webpage 2: Table Of Contents. Image source: Overall, with a friendlier cost in comparison to other smart phones available in the market today – and even among other Alcatel phone designs – the Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra is an excellent choice, particularly for first-time smart-phone purchasers that are still only a little apprehensive in possibly filtering money down the drain.. Here is the complete set of all Alcatel phone models. You can unlock the Alcatel OT with all the master unlock rule “”, or you can reset it pressing one of the keys “*” (asterisk) while shut in the phone. Aided by the master unlock signal, you continue the.


Alcatel one touch 838.How to unlock Alcatel OT |

Welcome to Alcatel Product Help. Smart Phones. Pills. Smart Watches. Feature Phones. Mobile Phone Broadband. Sound. Sort by: Alcatel 3. mouse click edit button to improve this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. See and install Alcatel One Touch Tribe user manual on the web. Alcatel Mobile User Manual. One Touch Tribe cellphone pdf manual download. Image origin: Overall, with a friendlier cost in comparison to other smart phones shopping today – as well as among other Alcatel phone designs – the Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra is a great option, particularly for first-time smart-phone purchasers that are however only a little apprehensive in possibly flushing cash down the drain.. Here is the full variety of all Alcatel phone models.
Comprehensive Range Of Alcatel Phone Models
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Get a hold of Alcatel One Touch f Signal Boosters Antennas
Alcatel OT-838
Recommended Alcatel One Touch 838f Signal Boosters and Antennas
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Table Of Contents. Quick Hyperlinks. Table of items. Previous Webpage. Following Webpage. Alcatel owner’s handbook cellular telephone one touch 72 pages.

Incoming call unanswered Icon exhibited whenever a received call is unanswered. The producer disclaims any liabi- As with all types of radio transceivers, your cellular lity for damage caused by utilization of various other chargers or phone produces electromagnetic waves. We wish to remind you that this cell phone continues to be authorized in accordance with European laws. Carry the flap Insert the card into Close the flap the flap ever keep your private rule near your phone and hold your card somewhere safe when you’re not using it.

Flat totally charged Connect the battery Use the icon to check on the Disconnect battery pack charger charge amount charger f your battery is recent or very discharged , charge it before usage: the symbol will then appear after a short while. In cases like this, do not use the battery charger provided. Switch your phone on and totally extend the antenna. Your phone can store up to 30 outgoing or incoming calls.

Contact your network operator to test service supply Caller ID – Menu, page There are 2 options: 1 You are talking to 01 46 52 24 95 there was an innovative new incoming call, answer it by You are talking to 05 12 24 42 27 01 46 52 24 95 is put on hold Press to verify removal.

The network provides this voice post service to ensure you do not miss any calls: it does the job like a giving answers to device. The system operator’s brief message service enables you to receive or send emails as much as figures to a different GSM phone, fax or other particular machines eading your communications The signal LED flashes, the icon seems and perhaps a beep sounds to indicate that a note was obtained. Ctr: Server center quantity. Format: style of message become provided for your correspondent fax, pager, mail, Retry Dur: time during which system provides message for your reci- pient in case there is unsuccessful distribution.

Bill: acknowledgment bill request. Webpage 24 MENU Page 25 MENU Set Up 2. To Set 2. You like to quit you can easily select a dif- straight back out Webpage 26 MENU Ring tone.. Personalise the ringing tone. Webpage 27 MENU Management of “beeps”. Crucial beeps.. Sht press.. Message display language. Webpage 28 MENU A welcoming message is exhibited any time you turn on: 24 figures are available offered characters, web page Make a scheduled appointment!

To set Activate date and time of visit reminder use amount tips to change between date and time. Page 29 MENU price of one Telecom device in money that you choose default listing or money is keyed in. Selection of one of the detailed currencies various other Enter a non-listed currency UnitValue.. Page 30 MENU Conditional call forwarding: your sound phone calls are for- warded if the line is busy Activate.. Page 31 MENU The next choices apply to fax reception for several telephone calls. Webpage 32 MENU Criterion: barring of all telephone calls except for your country of registration Activate..

Page 33 MENU Messages broadcast over the network weather condition, traffic, etc. Webpage 34 MENU PIN code.. Activate or terminate checking of the signal.

Upgrade code 4 to 8 digits after keying in outdated value. PIN2 code.. Search for a home network. Connection is made because of the final made use of network on a priority foundation “Automatic” or with all the network plumped for by the user “Manual”. You need to hold your phone started up while it is within your handbag or briefca- se. Lock out the keypad with a long hit on.

Key in “” to unlock it. You cannot activate your phone: look at your rechargeable battery or dry cells tend to be installed and recharged. See the presentation of your phone in order to find the right path across the alphanumeric keypad numbered on page 1 easier. Each keypad key could be used to access several characters in accordance with the dining table below: Number of keypresses ” Print page 1 Print document 40 pages. Cancel Erase. Sign In OR. Don’t have a free account? Signup! Restore password. Upload from disk.

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